Welcome to Sethworks

A grouping of Seth's Networks across all walks of life

About Me

Each day I wake up and I think, "what can I do for the person who is struggling? Especially those who are struggling in areas where I have experience and I can help?"

My name is Seth David and I am a computer science nerd turned accountant, turned Youtuber, online teacher and community builder.

I'm also a husband, a recovering addict, father to the furry ones, grieving over the loss of the other furry ones, hiker, drone flyer, and many other things and I connect on a daily basis with people from many walks of life. 

Why You Should Join Me

First and foremost you should join if you know me or anyone else who is in here. It's likely the reason you are here is because one of us told you about it. 

You should join if you want a safe and private place to hang out with intelligent and like minded people where your every move isn't going to be tracked for advertising purposes. 

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